How to diagnose and repair your laptop

Laptops are especially annoying because they are miniaturized. All components are compact and fit in a tight space. To make matters worse, some parts are designed to fit only certain machines. While desktop computer external keyboards are a standard component that can be replaced for a few dollars, laptop keyboards are often designed and retailed to fit only one machine (or one brand of computer) computer. Replacement by a vendor can be expensive. 

But don’t worry. Some of the most common errors that don’t work on laptops are surprisingly easy to fix yourself. If you’re pretty knowledgeable (and confident), why not find out if you can repair it yourself before buying a new laptop? 

Here are some quick tips 

  1. Backup 

 If your computer is still running, be sure to back up your entire hard drive (or at least your most important documents) before you begin. One thing to keep in mind when going through is that it is a bit silly to only make a backup when your computer has just crashed. Make a habit of backing up regularly. Business IT departments typically back up their systems every night. It took about one minute to copy everything to the USB drive and overwrite one of the backups from last week. Organize your computer so that frequently changed items are in one place and you can copy them quickly. If you can’t still figure this part out, then taking help from laptop repair sydney is a good option

  1. Try external devices

Most modern laptops have multiple USB sockets to easily connect an external keyboard, mouse, monitor, webcam, hard drive, and more. Most older laptops also have a PCMCIA cardholder (thin slot on one side) that allows you to connect an external modem, WiFi card, or USB hub. If something is obviously broken on your laptop, the easiest, cheapest, and easiest solution you can do is switch to an external device. 

  1. Identifying Symptoms 

If you are not sure about the problem with your computer, try looking for the symptom with your favorite search engine. For instance, you might realize you need to replace the LCD screen inverter if you notice that the screen keeps flickering. The screen may flicker or dim, but you can still clearly see what is written. Knowing the risk of replacing the inverter (high voltage component), you can take the necessary precautions and remove a few screws from the bottom of the screen. Go on an adventure inside to solve the problem. Ordering new parts on eBay is cheap and easy, and you can install a replacement in a few seconds. So try and identify the symptoms your laptop has and you can run a quick google search and try to diagnose the problem. 

  1. Find a replacement part 

Once you have identified the problem with your computer, it is usually necessary to replace one or more parts. Identifying the right parts is half the repair battle. Assuming you can get them, installing replacement parts is a lot easier than it looks. The parts that are most likely to fail are the parts under the cover at the base of the machine. Just read the part number and enter it into Google and eBay to see what you’ll find. You will often find an official replacement product from one manufacturer or a cheaper equivalent made by another company. You can find used parts salvaged from broken laptops on eBay. 

  1. Maybe someone else can help you 

Some of the advice above is low risk or no risk. For example, use a USB bypass device. But if you really can’t avoid physical repairs and aren’t sure you want to try them yourself, does that mean you need to throw your laptop in the trash and buy a new one? No. The next best option is to find a technician to try and troubleshoot the diagnosis and try and come up with a solution that can help you.

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