Home Lab build – From the start.

Most of my colleagues and just about anyone in the IT industry have a home lab. Is there a better way to continue learning your chosen technology? Most of us learn from experience and how better to gain experience than by building your own enterprise environment at home. I have set out to rebuild my old home lab environment and I will be detailing the configuration throughout the process so that anyone can build something similar in their home. I have chosen the hardware platform (SuperMicro E200-8D) and will be detailing the process to build out an entire VMware SDDC lab environment.

There are multiple approaches to building your lab at home. Not many people have the capability or money to run enterprise hardware in your home lab, there are sacrifices to be made and most often these decisions come down to noise, space, power consumption and cost.

If you don’t have a home lab already, build one, break it, fix it, maintain it and learn from your experience!

Home Lab Build Series

IntroductionHome Lab Build – From the Start

Part 1SuperMicro vs Intel NUC

Part 2 – SuperMicro Build – The Components

Part 3SuperMicro Build – The Installation

Part 4SuperMicro Build – BIOS and IPMI

Part 5 – Networking Configuration

Part 6 – VVD – Automated Deployment Toolkit – vSphere, VSAN, NSX and vDP

Part 7 –  VVD – Automated Deployment Toolkit – vRA, vRO, vROps and Log Insight

Next – SuperMicro vs Intel NUC

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